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Cook with us

We're here because we love to eat. We love food too much not to care where it comes from, what's in it (or not), and how it can be as good for the earth as it is for the people on it. All recipes & photography by the amazing Christiann Koepke of The Norr Agency!

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The Process

Articulate the services your business offers.

Thoughtful packaging
A fraction of the footprint
of clamshells.
95% less water, 1% the space
Respecting resources
at every turn.
No pesticides, period
Greens start clean and
stay that way.
We do things differently.

Grow with us

Forward Growing

95% less water, 99% less land, 100% less pesticides than outdoor agriculture.

Farm to you

Extra fresh, extra yummy, minimal mileage, within TWO days.

Clean and pure

No herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides. No chemicals ever touch our greens.

Up, up, and forward!

A full-fledged farm in a densely populated urban area? You bet. We tookour farm and tilted it up, instead of out. Growing fields-worth of greens in acouple trucks-worth of space. Food, as fresh as nature would make, farmedin a way that asks the least of our resources. Can we get an amen?


Welcome to the mission.

We started this farm because we love to eat. We love it too muchnot to care where food comes from, what’s in it (or not), andhow it can be as good for the earth as it is for the people on it.

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